Privacy Policy

The use of CompKeepr requires the name and email addresses of individuals accessing the site. The email is used for login purposes and for users to receive automated notification emails from CompKeepr when evaluations are required or updated. Keepr Web Apps will not provide the names, emails, or information stored within CompKeepr to any third-party individuals.

All passwords are stored using encryption which subsequently will not allow CompKeepr to know the user's password or provide it if you forget it. Passwords can be reset by the user at any time by clicking “Forgot Your Password?” below the login screen and following instructions. Resetting the password does not in any way affect other information stored in CompKeepr.

All the information created, sent by you or sent to you, can be viewed by logging in to your account. When new information is sent to you by another user, it will be made available for you to view within the application, and you will receive an email notification alerting you. None of the details of the new information will be in the email, you must login to see the details.